Lessons From Shakespeare’s Henry V

Room M406


Participants will be introduced to the story of Shakespeare’s most inspired and inspiring leader, Henry V. They then choose the leadership challenges they wish to explore. These are typically drawn from the following:

ACT 1 – Assessing the Past and Visioning the Future
Building consent – uniting disparate people around a common goal.
Distinguishing Mission and Vision – what do we want to do and why do we want to do it?
How to sell a Vision – authentic performance in presentations.

ACT 2 – Identifying internal resources
Interactive session to identify own leadership style

ACT 3 – Overcoming first blocks to success
Techniques to motivate demoralised troops.
Influencing skills to overcome complacency – ‘painting negative pictures’.

ACT 4 – Crisis Management
Holding authority wisely – ‘power distance’
Emotional Intelligence – managing fear and doubt in oneself and others.
Inspiring the troops to keep struggling against the odds.

ACT 5 – Turning the Battlefield into a Garden
Building relationships
Sowing seeds for sustainable development and success.

Lunch 12:30 Primary Secondary