The Influential Leader

Room M406


Participants will be introduced to the story and choose the leadership challenges they wish to explore. These are typically drawn from the following:

ACT 1 – Political Intelligence and Building a Coalition
Understanding political intelligence in leadership – distinguishing wise from naïve and cunning
Creating Rapport – making the right connections with people
Successful coalitions – turning supporters into allies.

ACT 2 – Sources of Power and Mobilising the Faction
Practising influence with “The Power Game”
Assessing individual sources of power – what have you got, what do you need?
Identifying likely political relationships with others.

ACT 3 – Influencing Elements and Skills
Introduction to the Elements of Influence
Assessing current influencing strengths and weaknesses
Making the ‘big pitch’ and getting feedback

ACT 4 – Emotional Intelligence and Moral Development
The key stages of emotionally intelligent influencing
The dangers of limited emotional capacity
Doing the ‘Right Thing’ – developing moral decision making

ACT 5 – Consequences and Legacy
Reading the signs
Identifying long term purpose
Preparing for the future

Lunch 12:30 Primary Secondary